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founders day 8




The second event managed by the IVSAA BOG has been the massive one yet; according to since 1990 it was the time to celebrate 25 years of this prestigious institution (IVS). This was also the third year for the event ‘Founder’s Day’ to happen.


On September Nineteen, attended by founders, alumni, staff members with families and students. This event became notable as the students from the first batch attended proving the countless efforts put in by the whole team of BOG including the Event Committee, headed by Nisa Karamatullah teamed up with alumni, Ayeza Mariam Mir. Our founders were mesmerized with the whole setup with special attention to details. In fact, one of our founders, Akeel Bilgrami added: “I have never seen IVS as beautifully decorated as this!”

founders day 2



Commemorating IVS meant rejoicing the people who have been part of it and making IVS what it really is; by honoring the administration staff, teachers and janitors who have served 5+ years in the institution. Male members were given waistcoats with embroidered IVS logo, while female members were given shawls. This initiative is first of its kind and we hope to continue it in the future.



After an amazing round of food served to all the attendees, a beautiful sound was introduced to the environment at the campus; it was the band on the rise “Sounds of Kolachi” performing their best numbers and entertaining people to the core.



founders day 5

Events like these not just entertains people but also brings them together, forming what we call the ‘IVS Family”. This set of people is the institution’s investment and power that are out in the world making a difference.

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