IVS Alumni Association

RAMIZ BAIG (Jan 2005-Dec2006, and jan 2007 -dec 2008)


I can very proudly recall my link with the Alumni Association, it was indeed a time where we were helping the association mature and make it stand on its own feet and co-incidentally doing the same in our own personal lives.


We were very fortunate to have alumni association stalwarts carry on during my first  term  as their experiences guidance and support were crucial in those formative years. another blessing was how the new school administration was more welcoming to the association and started involving us in matters where our presence was required but was always missing. the second term in this regard was quite the opposite where we were joined by mostly recent graduates and just a couple of seniors. the energy they brought though was very crucial and it was channeled well to bring about desired results from the association.


A major event in the alumni association calendar is the alumni show. this show was conceptualized and brought to reality during my second term. I can now fondly recall the excitement that our team felt at the prospect of holding this show and realizing that we have over the years produced enough worthy material that it was time to display and share it as a collective.


We were also keen in getting the alumni newsletter started, our alumni and friends had by now reached and were excelling in different parts of the world and it was imperative that we published a newsletter where we could share things that were closest to us with each other.


Exploring new ways for fundraising for the association was crucial to our survival. Thus when we partnered with a local music channel to hold a free concert involving the top local names in the business it resulted in a very successful show both on the entertainment and financial front. it was the first time that the association shared its profits with the school through a meaningful contribution.


Other memorable moments have included the beach reunions, instigation of a yearlong running lecture series for the students where top professionals from all fields taught at IVS came forward and shared their experiences. Lastly recalling the opening of the current alumni office. The importance of that day was surely felt by the few present that day as at the time it was like a vindication from the school for all our efforts and that the alumni association had not only arrived but is here to stay!


I often reflect back on the times well spent during the crucial formative years of the association and thank all my board members for their efforts. in the end I would also like to appreciate the work that the alumni association has achieved since, they are transcending new boundaries and I wish them and all the future BOGs of the IVS Alumni Association the very best.