IVS Alumni Association

SARA JAMIL (NOV 2001-DEC 2004)


Looking back from where we stand today, that small “core group” of people, as we called ourselves, seems so young and idealistic, fired up with passion to make the Alumni Association a powerful creative community of artists. We were so full of ideas and thoughts and we were setting out to change the world as we knew it. We had no idea what we were getting into, how much hard work and blood sweat and tears would go into the formation of this group and how much we would get from as well as give to the process we had unknowingly undertaken.


Being the first President, I think to me meant that – despite the lows- I could never lose that initial energy and faith in the idea that as a community we would (eventually)  work wonders and truly give back in am important lasting way to an institution that gave us so much. I was lucky enough to have a Board that was as inspired and committed and excited as I was by what we were doing and it must be said that we would never had had the start we did had it mot been for the patience and persistence of Haamid Jaffer Sahab who painstakingly taught us and walked our  through the technicalities of Association forming back then.  


A large part of our energy in those early formative years went into putting down roots, not only in the eyes of IVS itself but in the minds of all those people, who couldn’t understand the longer term vision of an Alumni Association. We started the City Orientation Classes with the Foundation Year, a fantastic interactive class that ten years later is still going strong. It has remained a consistent and growing link between the Alumni and students and so many of those who we connected with in these classes, were inspired to join the Association after they graduated. We also put into motion a lot of ideas on how to get people on board, initiated a lot of thoughts on future plans and basically, brainstormed our way forward creating a platform of willing volunteers to help create a lasting and strong connection between the Alumni and School.


It has been amazing to see the growth in recent years- of the plans from back then and to see them come alive, thanks to the hard work, commitment and the passion of our members helped along and made easier by the technology we now have at our fingertips. Each Board has brought with it a whole new perspective, a whole new set of ideas and they have each in its own way, taken it to new heights of achievement and organization. It is an exciting time ahead-  I feel – for us artists, designers, architects- and our communities and I cannot wait to see how far we can go. To the next decade.