IVS Alumni Association

the foundation year class committee

Celebrating our tenth year of conducting this class, we are going back to the basics, questioning exploring all those things that College is supposed to make you think about. As part of the Foundation Year Program, our classes are aligned  to what is happening on campus, in the city and in the heads of all those a part of Karachi city life.
January Class- Six Degrees of Separation
February Class- Finding Karachi
March- Unity Faith Discipline Within
April – Thinking Cinema: Khamosh Pani
May – Beach Performances
Current members of the City Class Committee are Bisma Askari, Marium Ali, Tanzeel Saeed, Sarosh Farooqui, Anser Shaukat, Zeeshan Haider, Sara Jamil, Rahat Rafiq and Ahmed Shajee.

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