IVS Alumni Association

RAHAT RAFIQ (2015-2017)


President Talk for Alumni Brew 2015

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

~Jimmy Johnson


That time of the year has approached again, another batch of young talented artists await their license to leave the nest and swim against the stream, inspiring us at the twenty-second convocation for Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.


Year twenty-fifteen was the year our alumni family witnessed the sad demise of a hardworking and full of life alumni, Zahid Suleman, for whom I’d like every reader to say a little prayer.


The current board members on the IVS Alumni Association are young, enthusiastic, passionate and diverse as depicted in the last two events executed by us. The major appreciation goes out to the Event Committee’s effort in managing highly valued events, namely ‘Azaadi Nashta’ and ‘Founders Day’.

Liaising with our very own design committee (also responsible for the design of this newsletter) and event committee, our upcoming events include Beach Trip, Alumni Meet & Greet, Inspirational Talks Series & many more in the coming term.


Our aim, after being handed the charge in April 2015, was to revive the spirit of ‘giving back’ to IVS. We managed to successfully bridge the gaps with the current Students Council and plans in the pipeline with them, which shall only prove fruitful with time. Also inauguration of an alumni office within the campus will be held earlier next year as visualized by the founding members.


Taking advantage of effective social media, we reached out to many long lost alumni members online in order to work and update our members’ database. This year has been about details and alterations; innovative ideas and initiation to bring the alumni back and to remind IVS family that there’s no place like this big, old ‘Kharadar’ building, that we call home.


Tradition being followed, this year shall witness the fifth alumni award (an initiative taken by the board of 2012) and we as a board have provide maximum assistance to ensure its smooth process.


Twenty-fifteen also served a platform for many alumni entrepreneurs to rise above and achieve more than what they had envisioned for themselves or their venture. While some alumni made it to be part of the Fulbright scholarship, many others got international exposure & recognition through their excellent work – it’s the year of successes and I only wish it to continue as we move ahead!


Rahat Rafiq CD 2009

President Alumni Association 2015-2017